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OmniCX is the e-commerce platform that redefines traditional thinking. Helping to increase revenues through improved, unified customer experiences and keep retailers ahead of the game through use of the latest technology.

Think, develop and execute

OmniCX is ready to support new creative missions and business growth. A project idea can be realised in a matter of days - regardless of the complexity, our platform gives you the right foundation to see your masterplan come into action.

By putting the power in your hands, you gain full control over the interface, functionality and user experience, without having to rely on valuable IT resource. OmniCX is positioned to respond accordingly to whatever demands you may have, giving your company the flexibility to change rapidly depending on customer needs and company objectives with minimal effort. It’s that easy. Just think, develop and execute.

A vibrant network of innovators and collaborators

As OmniCX features multi-tenant architecture, all our developers and customers can share their ideas and innovations easily across the OmniCX network. And, as we are all connected, OmniCX is able to produce huge amounts of meta-data that can help shape decision making based on consumer behavior.

Every day, our platform is gaining more data on shoppers’ interactions and customer demands, which you can use as a tool to drive revenue for your own business. Become part of a growing network and take your ecommerce solution to new heights.

Empowering innovation across the globe

OmniCX liberates you from any current technical restrictions that may be slowing you down from innovating solutions for your customers. The OmniCX platform is updated in the background without you noticing, allowing you to focus on delivering great experiences for your customers.

Your success is our success

OmniCX is about empowering you to deliver great customer experiences. We are committed to helping grow your business through collaboration and providing the technical agility to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape. We’re in this together.

Change the whys into wows with OmniCX