Why Struggle?

Enterprise Commerce:

OmniCX is an enterprise grade, omni-channel ecommerce platform empowering retailers to maximise revenues, become more efficient and stay ahead of their competitors.

Designed For the Mid-Market

OmniCX provides a complete solution aligned to the capabilities and budget of the mid-market retailer to drive maximum success with their customers.

Our goals are the same as yours; drive customer success and lifetime value.

Consistency builds trust

Customers expect and deserve a unified experience. Whatever device your customers are using, the content and design will automatically adapt to deliver a superior customer experience.

No more compromises, your brand, your way.

Get better, faster

Market trends change in a flash. OmniCX brings your Marketing and Merchandising teams closer together by allowing them to adapt and implement changes faster than ever before.

Deliver right content to the Right People at the Right Time.

Technology, that works

OmniCX is built using the latest technology stack keeping your business two steps ahead of the market. The OmniCX platform is offered in the cloud and on-premise, as we understand some businesses need more control than others.

Your Business, Your Choice.

Our Customers, Their Stories

“Fragrance Shop continues its strong growth in a highly competitive market driven by being Customer Centric.

The OmniCX platform is the technology that enables our business to put the customer’s experience at the heart of everything we do - mobile, web and in-store.“

Julian Holt

Group Ops Director & CTO

The Fragrance Shop

Changing your platform has never been easier