Improve efficiency and deliver faster


OmniCX automates traditional manual processes to provide you with increased efficiency and an improved bottomline.

Better Customer Service

Despite being crucial for any business, most alternative platform choices do not give customer service its due importance. We are proud of our customer-centric array of platform features that deliver a better customer service experience translating into more customer loyalty for you.

  • Universal search for customers & orders.
  • 360 degree customer view gives you better insight to the customer enabling you to serve them better.
  • Direct integration with Feefo, Zendesk to import feedback and tickets.
  • Generate promotional / replacement orders at the click of a button.
  • Customer Service BOT (currently under development) to reduce your customer service requests by 50%.

Reduced Dependency on IT

Lots of self-service capabilities out-of-the-box enable your teams to have lower dependency on the techies and improves the timelines to rollout any changes.

  • Affiliate integration using snippets can be done in less than an hour rather than days.
  • Hassle free product content update either directly on platform or integrated with your Product Information system, ERP.
  • Simple drag & drop based web content management.
  • Complete control over how search engines scan your site - customize it from the admin and not by coding.

Onboarded 40 affiliates in less than a week.

Low Maintenance

You dont need an army of developers to maintain or enhance the platform. The platform's architecture is language agnostic ensuring that you capitalise on the development skills you already have on the team.

  • API based architecture.
  • Simple and easy process to build your extensions.
  • Quick & easy rollout of changes.
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