Meet your platform, Inside-Out

Empowering developers to give their customers the best experience
with our easy to use modules.

Modular by design

With OmniCX, every module and feature provided through our API empowers you to have 100% control over any custom changes you wish to apply. Just plug your mobile or web app directly into the OmniCX REST API, and let our technology take care of the rest. No need to worry about what tech stack to use… take full control of your front end.

Your business, your use cases - No walled platform

Explore API

    //Generate client side validation rules for jQuery
    OmniCX.Checkout.helperValidation('{token_id}', callback);
    //Get the buyers location from an ip address
    OmniCX.Checkout.getLocationFromIP('{token_id}', callback);
    //Check if a quantity is available
    OmniCX.Checkout.checkQuantity('{token_id}', '{line_item_id}', '{amount}', callback);
    //Did the customer enter a valid pay what you want price?
    OmniCX.Checkout.checkPayWhatYouWant('{token_id}', '{price}', callback);
    //Get the running totals for this checkout
    OmniCX.Checkout.getLive('{token_id}', callback);
    //Set a new tax zone for this order and recalculate totals
        'country': "{country}",
        'region': "{region}",
        'postal_zip_code': "{postal_zip_code}",
    }, callback);
    //Authenticate OmniCX.js & turn on the console debugger
    var myStore = new OmniCX('{api_key}', true);
    //Create a checkout token
    myStore.Checkout.generateToken('{identifier}', '{identifier_type}',
        function(resp) {
            //Enable fraud protection
            /*Build your checkout

Our API is your API

What you see, is what we see. No ifs, buts, or maybes when it comes to making changes – take control of our technology and mould it as you need to. Developers have the same API that is used across all of our modules. We want you to have all the flexibility and power you need to deliver a great user experience for your customer, and with 100% control over the entire process (if you prefer).

No more limitations, just get on and do the things you want to, your way.

Dev Center

Grab your seat, strap in and get ready - you’re good to go.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Be up and running in a few hours regardless of your current in-house technology. The REST based API gives you total control, and be safe in the knowledge that we are currently working on building SDKs for PHP, Java & .NET to make it even easier for you.

Get to work sooner with OmniCX

Explore API

    //Calling OmniCX APIs
    var myStore = new OmniCX('{api_key}', true);

Check out our dev center

  • Rest API access for every entity in the system
  • Application events for every entity change
  • Robust SDKs for every platform
  • Extensible schema for primary system entities
  • Comprehensive theme and widget development platform

Check out the developer documentation to learn more.

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