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The retail technology trends of 2017

The rapid rise of technology has already transformed the way we shop for everything, from small, every day products to big ticket items. And it’s not a trend that will be going away. In fact, the retail technology trends of 2017 demonstrate just how much the development of tech could transform the sector in this year alone.

The store of the future

With 304 million active customer accounts, Amazon is the leading online marketplace. The platform’s success is purely down to their stellar range of products, unrivalled customer service and hassle-free purchasing that allows customers to receive their goods within hours. But now the company is set to enter the physical store market – something which it has spent years outshining.

UK eCommerce User Behaviour

UK online sales exceeded £130 billion in 2016. An £18bn increase on the year before, these figures demonstrate just how far internet shopping and ecommerce has come in recent years. But why has the UK adopted ecommerce and moved away from traditional shopping methods?

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