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Built using the latest technology stack, OmniCX is based on REST API architecture making it language agnostic.

Innovative technology that works for you.

Your CIO / CTO will love the architecture and technology landscape.

Modern, Robust & Flexible

OmniCX is built on a superior technical architecture which means a rapid adoption of new technology and minimum time spent to achieve it. Built with API-first philosophy, it brings a fresh paradigm to the way an ecommerce platform can be implemented or customised.

  • Scalable & extensible architecture.
  • Being API-first, it offers phenomenal amount of flexibility to customise.
  • Enjoy the stability of a platform, and the flexibility of a bespoke solution.

Born in the Cloud, but Happy Outside as well

Being born in the cloud, OmniCX is hosted in Azure. However, We understand that different organisations have different needs and based on our technical and strategy team’s analysis we suggest the best suited model. OmniCX is offered with flexible models:

  • On Premise Implementation License model.
  • Usage based Cloud license model.
  • Hybrid model.

Low Barriers to Entry

OmniCX is designed to quickly and easily integrate with existing systems and minimise disruption by using standard open protocols and connectivity methods.

  • Quick and easy integrations with external systems.
  • Integrations built using open protocols.
  • Custom methods also available to integrate with a variety of data sources.

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly learning & innovating on the platform. Our continuous integration & release cycles ensure that we are delivering high value to our customers throughout the year.

We follow agile scrum methodology and release 6 major versions every year and 1 minor version every month in addition to hot fixes that are reported by our customers.

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