The all-in-one eCommerce Platform

Peerless Feature Set

See why OmniCX has more out-of-the-box features compared to any other platform.

Store Management

Multi Store Functionality

Run multiple stores from a single interface. Share content across stores as needed. Define a global catalog, use as needed across specific store.

#multi-store #site-management

Design your store as unique as your business

No cookie cutter templates or themes, customise your store and make it yours.

#customise-store #no-cookie-cutter

Delegate responsibilities as needed

Delegate roles to specific people as needed at the granular level. Assign specific stores to specific people or specific tasks for roles.

#permission #role-management

Open Source Front End Store

We have taken away all the complexity of the eCommerce platform, put it behind an API and open-sourced the front end webstore to make your life easier.



Run your whole store on SSL making it more secure and delivering more confidence to your shoppers.

#ssl #secured


Online Baskets & Orders

Allow users to maintain their basket and place orders online. Persist basket across multiple sessions, multiple devices. OmniCX also supports multiple named baskets for B2B businesses enabling users to re-order quickly.

#persistent-basket #b2b #reorder

Phone Orders

Provision for busines to take orders via phone, create a basket and take the payment as well or simply generate a time-bound payment link to customers to just pay.

#phone-order #call-center-support

Quick and Smoother Checkout

Guest checkout enables the shoppers to checkout quicker. Mobile optimised checkout coupled with options for single page / stepped checkout gives your shoppers a smoother checkout experience.

#guest-checkout #mobile-first #quicker-checkout

Standard Payment methods

Plethora of payment gateways supported out of the box - WorldPay, Realex, Givex, Paypal, Mastercard, Klarna, Credit and many more. Shoppers can also save their card in their accounts for future use reducing the time taken for checkout.

#worldpay #klarna #credit #cod #mastercard

Generate Recurring revenue, setup Subscriptions

Schedule weekly/monthly/yearly subscriptions, include a single product or combination of products in the subscription or schedule products one after the other. Whatever you need, the platform gives you capability to setup promotions the way you need.

#subscriptions #recurring-revenue #saved-cards

Flexible Shipping options

Make it simple and easy for shoppers to buy, give them options for shipping. Setup simple shipping methods, free thresholds, geo fenced, weight + dimensions based restritions. Setup Standard, Next day or Click n Collect - it's all available straight out of the box.

#flexible-shipping #click-n-collect #collect+ #shuttl

Customer Engagement

Gain Deeper Customer Insights

Knwoledge is power. The more you know about the customer, the better you can server the customer. Customer 360 View gives you a deeper understanding of customer's journey, sessions, affinty across all channels enabling you to build better relationship with the customer.

#customer360 #affinity-metrics #customer-journey


Improve customer engagement and store stickiness by allowing the shoppers to maintain their personal Wishlist and sharing it with their friends and family.

#customer-engagement #wishlist #re-engagement

Customer journey mapping

Mapping customer journey across different channels opens up new possibilities of business growth by cross selling. Knowing about customer journey gives you power to understand the strengths & weaknesses of your store enabling you to optimise & personalise the experience.

#order-source #order-channel #analytics

Assisted Checkout

Business support team can access the user’s orders, baskets, Wishlist and process them while having users on the phone. The team can then generate & email a simple link for users to pay or even take the payment on the phone.

#assisted-checkout #phone-order #customer-support

Product Information Management (PIM)

Simple product and Variants

Setup simple products or variants (size, color variations) with ease. Create unlimited variants maintaining SKU level inventory and content at product level making it easier for merchandisers to maintain the data.

#variants #size-color-options

Bundle Products

Create static product bundles with 1 price or simple add-up price. Allow your shoppers to create dynamic bundles as well from a set of products enabling you to merchandise your catalog better.

#bundle #merchandise

N-Level Product classification

Product classification taxonomy is one of the key elements for product discovery and the platform provides capability to create n-level of classification and also create Category Landing pages right from the backend.

#product-classification #categorisation

Multi-lingual rich content

Content is King. Manage multi-lingual rich content, multiple images, meta information, YouTube videos, product reviews, create look-books, related products, technical specifications, size guides, add-ons, up-sells, cross-sells to deliver most relevant content to the shoppers when it should be improving the conversion rate.

#rich-content #seo #pim

Extend Product Information Attributes

Extending product attributes based on their category is quite crucial to provide the relevant product information to the shoppers and that is achieved by creating custom attributes as needed and associating them with product category or directly at the product level enabling your merchandiser to manage product data more efficiently.

#product-attributes #custom-attributes

Check stock in store

Integrated with omni-channel order management, your shoppers can check the inventory in the nearest store and utilise Click n Collect which brings the customer into your premise increasing the possibilities of selling more.

#store-locator #omnichannel #one-view-inventory

Content Management System (CMS)

Drag n Drop Visual page builder

Build pages by using the Visual Drag n Drop Page Builder, integrate content with merchandise and build influential content. Preview your pages across differnet devices. Use the rich library of widgets - for eg. pictures, videos, product collections, blogs and much more.

#drag-drop #cms #page-builder

Simple and easy to maintain the Navigation

The platform provides a very simple & easy yet extremely powerful way to manage the navigation tree for the whole website and build a proper Mega Menu which could include any static link or dynamic content, i.e. product, promotions, images or any html content.

#mega-menu #navigation #header-menu #footer-menu


Comprehensive capability to create rich blogs from within the platform and publish them on the store. Integrate the products into blogs seamlessly, driving more story driven engagement with customers. Manage the blog tags, preview them in 'staging' and 'publish' them when ready.

#blog #content-marketing #tags

Digital Assets Management

Use the in-built Media Library to manage the digital asstes for the whole store. Its not a simple repository for storing the image but it also dynamically creates a mobile optimised image without distorting the aspect ratio. When the site is rendered on mobile, the mobile optimised image is used thus improving the speed of the site.

#photos #dynamic-scale #digital-assets


Related Products

Configure the related product rules and let the platform do the hardwork for you. Define rules for upsell, cross-sell, add-ons to drive related products.

#recommendations #relatedproducts #youmayalsolike

AI driven Product Recommendations

The platform provides AI driven product recommendation based on the user's browse/purchase history in conjunction with the history from similar users. Frequently Bought Together, You may like are the 2 recommendations avaialble out of the box and can be easily customised as per your business.

#ai #recommendations

Dynamic Collection

Create collections of products based on dynamic conditions and customise their respective landing pages as well. Do the same for blogs, brands, categories as well to show what sells most and use them across the website integrated with the CMS.

#predefined-dataset #product-collection #merchandising

Social Sharing

With social sharing get more mileage in terms of customer engagement. Engagement of customers in our site is likely to advance with more social integration. Friends and acquaintances prefer sharing a liked products or recommendation eventually adding to final conversion.

#facebook #instagram #twitter #share

Promotions and Vouchers

The platform provides all kinds of promotion types you can think - BOGO (buy one get one), Buy One Get 2nd Cheaper, Shipping Promotions, etc. Full flexibility to define the filter criteria at products, brand, category, customer level to deliver a more personalised promotions to customers. Also, generate 100s & 1000s of coupons against a single promotion and track the promotion success.

#discounts #promotions #coupons #vouchers

Color Groups

Color pallette is more or less infinite which makes it quite tricky to incorporate it in the product search & discovery functions. We have indeed simplified it by providing the capability to have color groups, where the user only sees the primray colors but behind the scenes that color can map to 100s of different variants of the color thus delivering simplicity of search and accuracy of product information - both at the same time without any compromise.

#pim #color-groups

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improved page ranking

Improve the search ranks with inbuilt SEO features. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search, the chance of a user visiting it would be greater.

#content-snippets #minimum-it-involvement #seo

Site Map and Shopping Feeds

Auto-generated Sitemap and shopping feeds for google and other search engines makes it easy for users to find your products. The sitemap is updated regularly with the stock avaialability & price bringing higher quality of leads and improving the quality of search results.

#crawling #sitemap #shopping-feed

Redirects / URL Rewrites

If you are migrating from an old site to the new platform, the risk of losing SEO ranking from old links is very high but not with OmniCX, the platform provides capability to map the old URLs with the new ones to ensure that you dont lose SEO rankings for the old links by doing a 301 redirect to the new links. The mapping can be done using a bulk upload or simply by editing the links in the admin interface.

#rankings #seo #redirections #keywords

Easily customise your Meta Rules

Define global rules for meta tags for brand, product, category, collection pages. Global rules can also be overridden by the meta information for specific products / brands. Also define exceptions to the rules wherever needed.

#meta-titles #meta-keywords #descriptions #meta-rules

Omni-channel capabilities

Consistent customer experience

Omnicx provides a consistent customer experience across all channels – online, instore, mobile, native app, call center, marketplaces. Connecting all these channels enables your business to gain deeper insights about your customers which is a powerful tool to build deeper relationships with customer increasing loyalty and their lifetime value.

#omnichannel #instore #mobile #web #app

Empower your support center to assist customers better

Enable your support center to take orders from customers over the phone or simply create an order and send across the payment link to the customers. Your business can view the user's baskets, their complete journey and also login as the users if need be using the ghost login capability.

#pseudologin #quotes #basketmanagement

Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS)

The boundaries between the channels have dimmed, and your business needs to adapt as well. OmniCX allows shoppers to buy online, pick up in store or return at the store. With the right level of customer insight, this gives your business a possibility to up-sell in person and build better relationship with the customer.

#easybuy #easyreturn #storelocator

Customer 360 degree view

The in-built data platform consolidates the data from all the business touch points and delivers a Customer 360 degree view to your business empowering you to understand the customer better and delivering more personalised experience to customers in form of promotions, content, products.

#customer360 #affinty-metrics #buying-habits

Global Commerce

Go Global

The paltform makes it easy to execute your ambition to go global and expand beyond your country of operation. Support for multi language, multi currency and multiple websites makes it straight forward to launch international websites without much hassle.

#internationalisation #global-commerce

Cross-border eCommerce

The platform generates the required customs paperwork for faciliating cross-border eCommerce and also integrates with several international courier companies to provide a seamless experience for your business & shoppers.

#cross-border #paper-work #shipping

International Taxation

Providing in-built tax handling for simpler scenarios and integration with Tax services for complex requirements, the platform manages the cross-border taxation quite easily.


Order Management

Single view of the inventory

The platform provides a single view of product availability from all the fulfillment channels - warehouse, physical stores. The single view of inventory across all sales channels - website, store, marketplaces gives enables you to sell more and build confidence for your shoppers as well.

Ship From Warehouse, Pick up in Store or Dropship

Today's world, the delivery options have become critical for ecommerce business and enable you to differentiate your business. The platform provides capability to ship from warehouse, ship into store, pick up from store or even third-party dropship simply enhancing the overall customer experience.

#oms #dropship #stock #fulfilment

Check stock in store

Empowering your shoppers to check the stock in the store closer to them brings multifold benefits - customer buys from you, customer comes into your store giving you an opportunity to up-sell. This makes it quite critical for your business to have the capability to check stock in any of your store at any time.

#store-stock #stock-availability

Pick, Pack and Ship

The platform provides the capability to manage the order fulfilment lifecylce through pick, pack, ship stages across different warehouse or physical stores. The orders are automatically routed to the most optimised delivery center based on the destination post code reducing the overall shipping cost and also delivering faster.

#pick #pack #ship

Carrier integrations out of the box

ParcelForce, Yodel, Hermes, DPD and several other carrier integrations available out of the box, the process for generating labels and tracking becomes quite seamless.

#carriers #shipping

Analytics and Reporting

Dashboard View

An interactive dashboard that giving a single view across the whole store, i.e. all critical KPIs in a one place - AOV, Sales, Trends, Basket Abandonment, Traffic, Content. Having this insight helps you plan for future much better and enables you to take more informed decisions.

#omnilytics #dasboard #kpis #realtimedata


Omnilytics captures all the events, sessions on the websites and maps the customer journey against each customer. It provides you information on what content is being viewed more, what product is bought more and by whom and by when. Getting the whole context of all the purchase joureys opens the doors to optimise the site better and increase your business.

#customer-journey #omnilytics

Search Analytics

Getting detailed analytics on search element of the website adds tremendous value and enables you to understand the trends better. What keywords are users searching for, what results are they seeing, what keywords are generating low volume and which ones are doing higher volumes ? The in-built platform answers these questions and a lot more giving you more insight on optimising your catalog better.


Pre-defined Reports

Several pre-defined reports provide you all the information needed for the business. Not only that, it integrates with PowerBI seamlessly giving you power to export the data and do further detailed analysis on the reports.

#reports #power-bi

B2B capabilities

Corporate account management

For B2B sites, Corporate account management is quite crucial and it comes out of the box with OmniCX. Enabling your customers to request for trading accounts and then either have the requests go through an approavl process or create the trading account automatically. Also, create multiple user accounts with different roles under 1 trading account gives your customers more flexibility to interact with your business.

#corporate-accounts #user-roles

Quotes Management

Create quotes for customers, export them as PDF, share them via email or simply send across a link to the customers for them to review the quotes and simply convert the same to an order on click of a button.

#b2b #quotes #quote-to-order

Custom Pricing

Every customer is different and so is their pricing, the platform provides capability to create pricelist rules per customer at different levels - gloabl rule across whole catalog, category level or even product level, the rules are applied in hierarchical way overriding the broader category. Create customer specific catalogs by with specific prices & products offered specially to them.

#custom-pricing #pricelist-rules

Accept Credit, cheque, offline payment

Your B2b customers can choose between offline, online and credit payment giving your customers flexibility to pay depending upon their level of relationship with you. Manage their credit limit within the platform or simply integrate with your ERP system for real time credit limits.

#credit #offline-payment #credit-limit

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