Simplify the Order Fulfillment process

Receive, Process and deliver orders seamlessly to end customers.

Order Management System

Manage Order fulfillment, tracking and shipping tasks efficiently to improve performance and sales.

WOW your customers

For a healthy processing of orders, the business requires scalable Order Management System, which plays the most vital role by interacting among different systems such as order transition, payment authorization, payment settlement and delivery of an order. A poor performing OMS impacts the lifecycle of orders eventually impacting overall customer experience. Keeping this in mind OmniCX focusses on every aspects of the customer experience by providing the features that makes the fulfillment easy-sailing.

User Friendly Interface

User Interface perhaps is the most underrated element to assess while choosing a platform. However, it is imperative for an application to have an interface that is super-clean, modern and easy to use. Once the orders are received in the OMS; the process of picking, packing and shipping is very easy and time saving.

Map organizational shipping methods against the carrier shipping methods

There can be multiple carriers and their respective shipping methods. The system allows easy management of mapping organizational shipping methods against the carrier shipping methods. Every carrier has their defined shipping methods. Shipping methods can be activated or just kept assigned after creating a carrier. Hence, the organization can use the carrier and shipping method combination to deliver shipments from different delivery centers.

Supports multiple fulfilment channels

The system supports multiple fulfillment channels to provide more flexibility. A business can have different fulfillment sources By Stock, By Stock Via Supplier, Dropship or can work with any specific channel. With drop shipping fulfillment method, a store need not worry about keeping the products it sells in the stock. Instead, when an order arrives, the store can purchase the item from a third party and can get it shipped directly to the customer. This process is seamlessly executed by the OMS.

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