Merchandising and Marketing

Present, what your customers want to buy

Dynamic product collections

Tailored landing pages to drive collections, promotions or seasonal campaigns. The set-up is easy and can include multiple lists such as product categories, brands, blogs and image content.


Advanced search and guided navigation

Combine search and merchandising to make your search pages work harder. OmniCX offers a range of features such as keyword redirection, synonyms, and the ability to customise search results. For example, you can feature selected products based on keywords, and sort the results in an order that you define.

Intelligent product recommendation

OmniCX allows you to configure up-sells and cross-sells of related products in a few easy steps. We incorporate machine learning that recommends products to users based on their shopping patterns, browsing behaviour and the nature of the products they are viewing.


Intelligent campaigns and promotions

One size don’t fit all. With OmniCX you can build advanced promotions that can be applied at both product and order level and targeted at specific customer events or the segments the customer falls in to.

Smart coupons and vouchers

Manage the distribution of online and offline voucher codes and promotions, to all or individual customers and track the effectiveness of campaigns across channels.


Affiliate management

Define product feeds for affiliates, partners and search engines, in less than 30 minutes without having to depend on a development team.

Optimise search rankings

The OmniCX platform is built to give you better search engine rankings, with sitewide HTTPS to provide security, optimised URLs, automatic sitemaps, microdata and more. If you prefer, you can take control and manage these independently. We offer SEO capabilities right out-of-the-box without any additional development, letting you manage global meta tags, define exceptions at the brand, category, sub-brand, product or even at a specific URL level, to boost your search rankings.


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