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API-First gives you freedom to build whatever you want

Headless commerce

Gone are the days when ecommerce meant buying from a desktop computer. ecommerce has gone beyond even the days of multi-device: users are now buying from social, paying with mobile in store, even ordering through voice-controlled home hubs. Omnichannel is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

The OmniCX platform gives you the most empowering of all architectures: an ambivalence of your front end towards your back end; an agnostic presentation layer; a decoupled development path. OmniCX is a platform where concerns are separated: templates, presentation and interaction are distinct from order management, payment and PIM. It’s a platform where you can move at the light speed retail requires from you to meet your customers’ needs, without being weighed down by heavily integrated processes that can be out of date as soon as implementation is complete. This is your platform for the new commerce.

Standalone components

OmniCX has a simple, component-based structure of three key pillars: BusinessHub, REST APIs and Front End. BusinessHub is the single entry point to manage all site controls, product data and merchandising. All components are designed, built and maintained by OmniCX, with quarterly scheduled releases to keep those features cutting-edge.

Our API-first approach means that every function is developed with clear, standalone definition, which becomes the guiding principle for any future development. All business logic is encapsulated within the API, freeing it from the front end - and vice versa. And they can be deployed as many times as you need, across multiple front ends: brands, languages and channels. API development and enhancement is faster, cheaper, simpler and continually updated by OmniCX’s developers.

A Solid Platform

OmniCX is built on industry standard, trusted, enterprise technology, Microsoft Asp.Net MVC (Model View Controller) using C#. We capitalise on the benefits provided by Azure services complementing the actual features and software development rather than just a managed infrastructure. The platform has been designed to run on PaaS (Platform as a Service) from web application to elastic search to free your teams to focus on evolving and growing the capabilities to support your business rather than just running your ecommerce platform.

Scale Up, Scale Down

Running in the cloud the OmniCX platform is designed to scale horizontally, by adding or removing new instances as required without restriction. With just a little advanced planning of busy periods, you can benefit from auto-scaling which adjusts to increased website traffic as and when required – and you’ll only be charged for the capacity you use.

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