Keep on top of your game with real time insight and immediate actions

eCommerce Head

Customer conversion enhancement, boost multi / omnichannel sales

Actionable intelligence

The OmniCX platform captures all the nuances of your customers behaviour and builds you a detailed portrait of cross-channel, interactions and product insight. With this inteligence at hand, you'll be better informed to action targeted campaigns to build baskets and increase margin contributions.

Optimise experiences and sales

Automatically triggered promotions; text translation prompted by customer language preference; a flexible look and feel appropriate to the customer device. OmniCX blasts away the usability barriers and ensures you are delivering an optimum retail experience to every customer, for every brand, in every geography, and across all channels.

Sound economics

Our ready-to-deploy platform allows you to spend your money where you can really make a difference - on creating amazing customer experiences, not on development, so you will see quicker ROI and minimum disruption to your business. Our cloud-hosting model also ensures that you will only ever pay for the capacity you use; invest your hard-earned profits in marketing and promotions, not increased operating costs.

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