Data-driven Engagement

A rich pool of data to drive engaging experience that converts and deliver long term value


Attract, acquire, retain and delight

The OmniCX platform provides tools to help you increase traffic and deliver enhanced customer experiences, through personalisation of user journeys, experiences, content and products - helping to build long term engagement and boost sales.

Customer service

Despite its importance, customer service is an undervalued component of many commerce platforms. OmniCX provides complete visibility and history for every customer, allowing our team to understand the customer and deliver a more personalised service.


Enhanced 360 customer view

OmniCX provides a complete view of each customer’s profile and history to support personalised customer experiences, marketing and customer service, creating rich engagements based on knowledge and improved understanding.

Ready for GDPR

Giving your customers access to the data you hold on them, and the tools to manage or delete it, will help to build trust. It’s also a requirement of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that comes into force in 2018.


Personalisation and targeting

By using Customer360, the OmniCX platform knows and remembers who customers are when they visit. This provides history to; what they've viewed and bought insight to what promotions are relevant, and their preferred channels. Therefore, making it easy for business users to define campaigns and promotions to customers when they're most likely to act on them.

Ready to start?

Check out our all-in-one commerce platform and see your business thrive.

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