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Predictable costs, low maintenance, flexible pricing models makes onboarding a breeze

Predictability with no hidden costs

The real cost of an e-commerce platform includes a number of elements, including initial implementation, licensing costs, hosting, updates and enhancements as well as support. It's all too easy to underestimate ongoing costs, especially if you have to deal with bugs, integration or security issues that you didn’t predict. Or your hosting company may charge you based on peak rather than normal traffic.

OmniCX is a cost effective platform with no hidden costs, giving you transparency and predictability. We offer an extensive feature set as standard, regular updates included, flexible pricing models and a world-class customer services and support infrastructure. And, as we’ll only charge you for what you use and only when you need it, you can be sure your operating budget won’t be burdened with paying for excess capacity.

Low maintenance

Because OmniCX requires minimal developer support after implementation, it’s very cost-effective to maintain. You can focus your time on building the customer experience you want. And the platform's architecture is language agnostic ensuring that you can capitalise on the development skills you already have on the team.

Flexible pricing models

OmniCX is a full omnichannel commerce solution with a modern architecture designed for the cloud. The platform is hosted in Azure, but we recognise that some businesses need more control than others so we offer a variety of hosting models including cloud, on-premise and a hybrid of the two. We’ll work with you to analyse your requirements and find the solution that’s best for you.

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