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What is OmniCX?

OmniCX is an enterprise grade, omnichannel commerce platform empowering retailers to maximise revenues, become more efficient and stay ahead of their competitors. Designed for the mid-market retailer, it offers unparalleled performance across functionality, change implementation and customer intelligence.

Why is OmniCX different from other platforms?

OmniCX provides more out-of-the-box features as standard, helping retailers deliver digital commerce projects more easily and more efficiently than ever before. As OmniCX is built with a 100% API-first philosophy, it transforms the way an ecommerce platform can be implemented or customised.

Does OmniCX have all the features I need?

OmniCX provan a complete suite of features to manage your marketing, products, content, orders and customer service so that you can create amazing customer experiences and maximise revenues. OmniCX provides more out-of-the-box features as standard including PIM, content management, multi-site support, advanced merchandising and promotions, relevant intelligence and advanced SEO capabilities, helping to grow your business through improved, unified customer experiences.

What technology does OmniCX use?

OmniCX is a full omnichannel commerce solution with a modern architecture designed for the cloud. Built with a 100% API-first philosophy, OmniCX transforms the way a commerce platform can be implemented or customised. Because OmniCX is based on a completely open REST API architecture, creativity to innovate is not limited by technology or development. Using our APIs you can extend anything you like, integrate new technologies, and customise your store however you like.

Where is OmniCX hosted?

The OmniCX platform is hosted in Azure, but we recognise that some businesses need more control than others so we offer a variety of hosting models including cloud, on-premise and a hybrid of the two.

Will OmniCX integrate with my existing systems?

Our platform is designed to quickly and easily integrate with your existing systems, enabling you to be up and running in minimal time so you can start to see a return on your investment. And once you’re live, OmniCX keeps you firmly in control, with self-service capabilities reducing dependence on developers and a comprehensive set of business tools available through the intuitive BusinessHub.

How easy is it to customise OmniCX to my specific requirements?

Because OmniCX is based on a completely open REST API architecture, creativity to innovate is not limited by technology or development. Using our APIs you can extend anything you like. Even better, the platform's architecture is language agnostic and compatible with any front end code. This means that whoever develops the front end can use the language that works best for them: you can develop using php, .NET, javascript or in any language you like.

Is OmniCX secure?

OmniCX removes your risk with our completely secure back end. Capitalising on the built-in security features of Azure, the platform is continuously scanned for new and known vulnerabilities to ensure that we deliver a secured platform for our customers. And our security features are all contained within the solution, unlike many other platforms that rely on third party bolt-ons.

Is OmniCX ready for GDPR?

The OmniCX platform has full GDPR support built in: with one single repository of all data that is secure and easy to manage. All customer data held in the OmniCX platform is contained in a single repository that can be accessed by both business users and customers, through different interfaces. In My Account, customers can review their data, consents and preferences, and can choose to delete any data - or their complete profile. This is a key requirement of GDPR.

How can OmniCX support my growth?

OmniCX is designed to grow with the demands of your business. With a feature set including advanced marketing and promotional capabilities, backed by customer insights, you’ll get closer to your customers and see them convert. And when you need more capacity, OmniCX’s cloud-based architecture offers the ultimate in pain-free scalability to grow seamlessly with your business, both to support your ongoing growth and to manage the peaks and troughs of your trading calendar.

Is OmniCX omnichannel?

Customers demand relevant, intuitive, and targeted experiences when, where and how they choose to engage with you. OmniCX covers all the bases with fully responsive websites, mobile apps and an in-store hub. OmniCX centralises the publication and management of all channels to ensure optimum device responsiveness. Whatever device your customers are using, the content and design will automatically adapt to deliver a superior customer experience.

Can I run multiple stores?

OmniCX allows you to run multiple domains from one centralised hub. With multi-lingual, multi-currency, and region specific pricing, you can create and manage additional stores, brand and country sites.

Do you have a mobile app?

We provide a white-labelled iOS mobile app out-of-the-box, along with its source code that you can customise to design an app that adds a new dimension to your mobile offer.

How will my team manage OmniCX?

OmniCX is designed to enable commerce teams to be in full control, with a comprehensive suite of business tools available through a single web based interface. BusinessHub is the entry point to manage site settings, product data, merchandising, content, customer data and site extensions from one easy to use, intuitive dashboard.

How can OmniCX help my marketing?

The OmniCX platform provides a comprehensive toolset to help you increase traffic, deliver enhanced customer experiences and boost sales. Convert more customers with advanced marketing and conversion tools to accelerate your growth. Increase traffic and ROI while spending less time managing technology. Supercharge your promotions with powerful merchandising tools that allow you to easily align products, content, promotions and customers to deliver successful campaigns in the right place, at the right time, with the right content. And make use of customer insights based on behavioural analysis, with integrated analytics to segment your customer data and create personalised promotions based on real data.

How can I extend the platform capabilities?

OmniCX is built with a 100% API-first philosophy, transforming the way a commerce platform can be implemented or customised. Using our APIs you can extend anything you like, integrate new technologies, and customise your store however you like. And it’s a simple process for business users to set up extensions, and quick and easy to rollout the changes.

Is it easy to develop for the OmniCX platform?

Because OmniCX is based on a completely open API architecture, your creativity to innovate is not limited by technology or development. Using our APIs you can extend anything you like.

Do I need to use an particular language?

The platform's architecture is language-agnostic and compatible with any front end code. This means that whoever develops the front end can use the language that works best for them: you can develop using php, .NET, javascript or in any language you like.

Can I use third party apps to extend my site capabilities?

OmniCX’s API-first approach makes it easy for you to build new services and closer ties with partners and customers. You can add services such as maps, shipping and payment processes to your own without having to write new code. Our APIs cut the cost of innovation and entry to new markets.

Where can I find a technology, design or marketing partner?

We have a trusted community of digital agencies, technology companies and system integrators who deliver flexible and powerful digital commerce solutions. Our partners have complete access to the same API used to build OmniCX, enabling them to build integrations and customise the platform for their clients using the technology stack of their choice. We can help you find the right partner for your specific needs.

Do you have any examples of successes with OmniCX?

OmniCX works with a number of brands across retail, fashion and apparel. Here are two of our successes:
The Fragrance Shop has over 180 stores across the UK, 130 fragrance brands and 4 sales channels. By choosing OmniCX as their platform, they have driven exponential online business growth and become one of the UK’s largest independent fragrance retailers, achieving massive growth in customers, revenue and conversion.
Brandsvillage is the UK’s most exclusive private shopping club offering authentic designer merchandise exclusively to their selected member base through limited-time events. They opted for OmniCX for flexibility, faster rollouts and out-of-the-box features, and saw double digit growth in mobile traffic and conversion while radically reducing their workload due to OmniCX’s self-service features.

What do industry experts say about OmniCX?

Industry experts recognise OmniCX’s unique benefits for retailers. Mark Lewis, CTO of leading ecommerce agency Practicology, said: “OmniCX is a welcome addition to the platform options retailers have today. Modern architecture, well thought-out and highly-usable management tools, a full suite of capabilities – particularly strong in terms of Customer management – and built with API-led extensibility and cloud-managed scalability, make OmniCX an option that many retailers should consider.”

What’s the company behind OmniCX?

Our parent company is Axtrum Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of enterprise technology solutions. OmniCX is the product of our mission to provide enterprises with a single solution to manage all of their online assets. We started to develop customised content management systems to retail customers, before recruiting a team of experts from some of the largest digital businesses in the world to build the OmniCX platform as it exists today. And we’re not finished yet!

OmniCX is a new platform. Why should I trust you with my business?

Our parent company is a leading provider of enterprise technology solutions and one of the world’s largest provider of encrypted software keys for retail and in-game purchase. OmniCX was born out of customer demand for a new omnichannel commerce platform, and to date the platform has had more than 200,000 development hours invested into it

How do you charge for Omnicx?

OmniCX is a cost effective platform with no hidden costs, giving you transparency and predictability. We offer an extensive feature set as standard, regular updates included, flexible pricing models and a world-class customer services and support infrastructure. And, as we’ll only charge you for what you use and only when you need it, you can be sure your operating budget won’t be burdened with paying for excess capacity.

How much will OmniCX cost?

Our pricing models are designed to match the size of your business and your requirements. With a choice of cloud, on-premise, or through our hybrid model we can find the right commercial model for your business today and tomorrow.

How is an OmniCX implementation managed?

When you engage with OmniCX, we follow a defined process to take you from first steps all the way to a live site and beyond. While the exact process will vary depending on whether a Systems Integrator is involved, a typical delivery cycle is likely to involve the following stages:

  • Initial engagement (pre-discovery)
  • Discovery
  • Solution design and specification
  • UX design and solution build
  • Testing
  • Go-live
  • Stabilisation
  • Upgrades and enhancements

Who will I deal with?

Our team of specialists will provide you with support throughout the project life-cycle, from advising on platform and technical questions before and during the project, to resolving any issues, to supporting the implementation and providing post-launch support. We also have a trusted community of digital agencies, technology companies and system integrators who can help you deliver flexible & powerful digital commerce solutions. We take our commitment to our customers seriously, and we will be there when you need us - from our sales staff to our Directors.

How can I migrate my current data to OmniCX?

Integrate easily with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for catalogue management. Our platform supports bulk import and intelligently maps to brands and categories.

What happens when I cutover to the new site?

Prior to going live, we will complete a deployment checklist, to ensure that there are no issues. For the 24 hours following deployment, we will closely monitor the site performance and some key metrics: if there are any major problems, we will have a team on hand to provide quick response.

What happens after launch?

In preparation for your new site launch, we will define some key metrics to act as a comparison between the old site and the new site. These include measures such as KPIs, ecommerce, devices traffic, acquisition and search.For a period after launch we’ll track any significant changes, so that we can highlight any negative movements, understand the reasons, and take remedial action where appropriate.This activity might be carried out by us, by you, or by one of your agency partners.

Will I retain my search rankings?

Maintaining organic search rankings should be a high priority in any replatforming project. We’ll work closely with you or your search agency to put in place a comprehensive search migration plan to ensure that all possible steps are taken to preserve or even improve your search rankings. Factors to consider include:

  • Page redirects
  • Consistent metadata
  • Avoiding too many changes in content
  • Minimising duplicate content
  • Optimising for mobile

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