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Customer Success Manager

Management, London


The customer success manager will bring a depth of experience to best achieve our business objectives, understanding a business model that would otherwise take a lot of expensive trial and error. As an Ecommerce Consultant you are responsible for educating our potential clients about the transformation that OmniCX platform can bring to their business. You will work with other team members and will play a key role in helping our clients understand how to effectively leverage digital platforms that can count to their profitability. It is very essential for you to understand the area of opportunities and a solution that suits and drives customer’s business. As a consultant you will develop a deep expertise in the complete business cycle of the processes and ways of working that allows customers to scale and grow rapidly.

What are we looking for?


  • Liaise with OmniCX management team and potential clients to propose ecommerce solutions that will fulfil client’s business goals
  • Facilitating workshops/demos for the client to agree functional and non-functional specification and project deliverables
  • Responsible for the formulation and implementation of OmniCX's marketing initiatives to attract new clients in the ecommerce environment
  • Prioritizing the delivery backlog
  • Analyzes site metrics and performance to increase traffic and conversion rates
  • Opportunity identification and gap analysis execution against proposed technologies
  • Considering accountability for organizing the requirements gathering and management processes
  • Identifies strategies for advancing traffic and sales through OmniCX digital solution
  • A proficient coordinator for the development teams by providing clarifications to requirements and design
  • Support the sales team in completion of the final proposed solution as well as communicate the proposed solution to internal teams for review and approval
  • To have a broader perspective of potential concerns encountered when managing diverse teams and the plans to overcome them

You should have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in technical or business related field.
  • Previous experience as a product owner, project manager or consultant in the ecommerce market.
  • Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  • Significant experience in creating requirements, process models and business rules for ecommerce solutions.
  • Highly motivated and competitive.
  • Keen learner who can execute various sales tactics.
  • A computer proficient with solid presentation skills.

Cultural Skills:

  • Be flexible to change
  • Openness and transparency
  • Integrity and trust
  • Participation and empowerment
  • Communicate mission, vision and values
  • Passionate & entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Customer centric

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