The Fragrance Shop

By choosing OmniCX as its platform, The Fragrance Shop has driven exponential online business growth and gone on to become one of the UK’s largest independent fragrance retailers.

The sweet smell of success

The Fragrance Shop

With over 180 stores across the U.K, 130 fragrance brands, 4 sales channels and the OmniCX platform, The Fragrance Shop has secured a strong online presence backed by great customer loyalty.

Business Challenge

Historically, the TFS businesses had missed out on a number of great market opportunities primarily due to technology limitations and ever-evolving challenges in the eCommerce area. In addition, poor user experience and lack of integration with physical store point of sale led to low conversion and poor online sales.

  • Having to integrate any new marketing affiliate into the system was a project that spanned over two weeks.
  • No single views for customers transactions across all channels.
  • Implementing any new functionality was a costly and resource-draining process.
  • Publishing new promotions, updating content was a long drawn & cumbersome process.
  • Poor technology meant a lack of analytics of data.

“Fragrance Shop continues its strong growth in a highly competitive market driven by its focus on being
First for the Customer.

The OmniCX platform is the technology that enables our business to put the customer’s experience at the heart of everything we do - mobile, web and in-store.“

Julian Holt

Group Ops Director & CTO

The Fragrance Shop

The Solution

OmniCX's multi-tenant digital commerce platform enabled the business to take its brand global in a short time span. Integration with the TFS Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and physical store tills provided a unified view for the first time of customer activities across different channels.

The benefits:

  • A true omnichannel experience across - online, mobile & in-stores.
  • Creation of a centralized content repository to publish promotions, content, catalogue and product collections.
  • TFS could now onboard new marketing affiliates in a few hours instead of weeks.
  • Rapid change implementation ensured that any new functionality going forwards is delivered in days rather than months.
  • Hybrid license model allowed the business to have enough control on data and flexibility of the cloud.
  • Open Architecture facilitating REST API based Integration with POS, WMS, ERP systems.

OmniCX rollout Benefits


Customer base growth


YOY growth in revenue & traffic


Increase in conversion rate

Deliver content across all channels and create a unified customer experience

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